Expert Modeling & Rigging Services

for Characters, VFX and Games

  • BlackSwanEffect Character Modeling and Rigging


    High-quality character modeling and rigging services, delivering production-ready assets tailored to your needs.

  • BlackSwanEffect VFX


    Detailed VFX modeling and rigging solutions that integrate seamlessly into your visual effects pipeline.

  • BlackSwanEffect Games


    Game-ready modeling and rigging, creating optimized assets for smooth performance and stunning visuals.

What we do around here

We are a rigging powerhouse, dedicated to deliver production-proven top-tier rigs at an exceptional value that push creative boundaries! A rigging department at your fingertips, we can ramp up or down based on your project's scale, skillfully integrating our battle tested pipeline into your existing workflows for a seamless collaboration, all while aligning with your budget, whether it is a big blockbuster or an indie darling.

  • Automated

    Experience the pinnacle of rigging with our expert rigs delivered in a fraction of the time thanks to our custom-developed automation tools ranging from our proprietary Rig-Builder to our Quality Control.

  • All-in-One

    Save valuable time and resources by leveraging our 'Rigging Studio out-of-the-box' model and seamlessly integrate our battle tested pipeline into your existing workflows for a harmonious collaboration,

  • Bespoke

    With 17 years of award-winning expertise in the art of rigging we offer unparalleled flexibility be it for cartoonish charms, stunning photorealism, or game engine optimization. Discover the endless possibilities, tailored to your needs!

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